Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hedy & Jason joined together

Fate has brought us together from across the world, and we welcome you to join us at Tivo on July 17th 6pm to 9pm for drinks & snacks for celebrating our marriage.

I was staying with my friend Jean-Marc in London, and one day while I was out, I came across a sign advertising holiday packages to Hong Kong under a banner simply reading:

“Why not go to Hong Kong?”

So I thought to myself, “why not” and booked the flight that would forever change my life. 

My trip was nearing its end, when on a Friday night I wandered into Tivo meeting Hedy that night.  From the moment I saw her I was hooked, it truly was love at first sight.  I was even luckier when I ordered food, I got to sit at table 10, next to Hedy so we could talk throughout the night about Hong Kong,, life the universe & everything.

From that night onwards we’ve been together ever since.

In the following posts, we’ll share photos of all the places we’ve been together, and the stuff that we’ve done around Hong Kong and the world!

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