Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cheung Chau, May 10th

After Disney we went to cheung chau the next day with Kaka & Jetso.  It was my (Jason's) first time to go to the island.  We left by ferry, and the ride was about 45 minutes.

Hedy down by the beach

This is the view from the hotel room that we had rented.  It was quite a nice view, however the patio was too small to do anything other than look out over the beach.

Also the hotel didn't include things like towels.  It was more of a hostel rental dressed up as a hotel, but these kinds of things are more common in Hong Kong/China.  

The local seafood is really quite good. And cheap!  It is amazing how much more expensive it is on Hong Kong Island, or Kowloon. 

Me being silly!

It is a shame that the picture doesn't capture the fire from the wok, but the cook was literally on fire.

Plenty of businesses owners have their pets outside to ward off bugs, and draw in customers.

While we were also there, the semi-finals for the Cheung Chau Bun Festival were underway, and we watched the whole thing.  Thankfully the weather wasn't too humid.  Yet.

And while we were there, we saw Fatima parade, "The Procession of Our Lady of Fátima". 

And of course, upon our return to Harbour City we saw the infamous inflatable duck, that goes by the name "Spreading joy around the world."

As you can see from the crowds it was quite popular!


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